Meet Carla

Carla White has shown up as a class clown, recovering perfectionist, occasionally late for life but never late for dinner kind of person. She is at her best when she is engaging with people in laughter, entertaining them with her outrageous stories, or empowering them with her witty wisdom.

Her list of successes includes many certifications, including a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And if you are really interested in the credentials, she can blow the dust off her resume and get that to you.

Her biggest claim to fame, however, came when Carla stopped taking herself so seriously. Happiness and contentment came to her as she let go of long held beliefs, stories, and drama that kept her stuck. By doing so, she learned to love the quirky, quick witted, quintessential diva that she is.

Carla’s passion is to help people who are fatigued, frustrated, and fed up re-energize their life, renew their outlook, and refresh their soul. She brings love and laughter to her role as an executive mom, comedian, and author.

Her greatest creation to date—besides her three beautiful children of course—is her book, Showing Up: Lessons in Happiness, Humour, and the Courageous Heart.


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