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February 1, 2016

Charmaine Hammond – Episode 1

February 8, 2016

Jessica Turner – Episode 2


It all started with a dog… 

On a mission to make the world a kinder place, Charmaine, her dog Toby, and the Kindness team travelled more than 20,000 km across North America on her kindness tours.In this short episode Carla and Charmaine talk about  the importance of kindness in the world.

 Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond is a leading expert in conflict management, leadership, and resilience and has been in the business of changing lives for 25 years.  She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, speakers and authors take their business to new levels of success through collaborations, strategic alliances, and sponsorship.  As a transformational speaker, she has presented to more than 150,000 people around the globe, is author of 5-bestselling award winning books and is featured in six others.  Charmaine has appeared on media more than 250 times, is a radio host and this once painfully shy gal now speaks around the world.

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Many women are running on empty. Jessica shares her insights for women who say they are too busy to spend time on doing something they love. In Jessica’s book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You, Turner shares stories and practical advice that will inspire women to take time for their passions and practice self-care. Join Carla for this episode of Showing Up where you can hear the tips and highlights from Jessica’s book.

 Jessica N turner

Jessica Turner is wife, mom, marketing professional and founder of the lifestyle blog The Mom Creative. There she documents her pursuit of cultivating a life well-crafted, through posts mostly on parenting, memory keeping and frugal living. Jessica is also an (in)courage writer, co-host of the Bloom Book Club, a blogger for World Vision and a Big Picture Classes teacher. She and her husband Matthew live in Nashville, Tenn. with their three young children: Elias, Adeline, and brand new Ezra.

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February 22, 2016

Caroline Rochon – Episode 3

February 29, 2016

Karen Larkin – Episode 4


 Is your love tank full? 

Where would your relationships or organizations be if everyone involved truly felt loved, appreciated, and valued? Caroline Rochon, Premiere Partner and Certified Facilitator with Appreciation in the Workplace will enlighten you on how incorporating the concept of The 5 Love/Appreciation Languages can truly transform your personal and professional relationships. 

Caroline Rochon

Caroline Rochon is a bilingual Corporate Trainer, International Speaker, Success Coach, Professional Organizer and Premiere Partner with Appreciation at Work™.  She is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals and groups transformation through experiential learning so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.  In 2013, Caroline had the pleasure and honor to be among a list of top international speakers presenting in Mexico. A TEDx speaker in 2012 in India, the winner of the “Self Employed Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2010, Caroline is a multifaceted personality as a television and radio columnist and content writer.  She is a Bestselling Author and is committed about inspiring people with her writing. Let yourself be transformed by Caroline’s passion and authenticity!

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Let’s talk about happiness.  

How do we find it? Where is it? How can we become happy or happier?  

On this episode of Showing Up, Carla and Karen have a lively discussion about happiness, where is it ­ how do we cultivate it. How being yourself and being happy is a gift to those around you and ultimately to the world. 

Karen Larkin

Karen Larkin’s work is about happiness ­ choosing happiness, and supporting people as they remember to be truly themselves ­ in all areas of their lives. Supporting people as they remember their deep desire of happiness. She has a passion for working with people ready to move forward into a life filled with love, joy and personal fulfillment. For the past 25 years her work has fulfilled her passion of helping people and she continuously holds a grateful heart for this, her work Today she works as a personal life coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant & teacher. 

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March 2016

March 7, 2016

Amy Machacek – Episode 5


March 14, 2016

Darril Gibson – Episode 6

Learn how to REVAMP your life! 

Learn Amy’s 6 step approach to waking up to your life! Too many of us are sleepwalking through life just getting from one day to the next, join Amy to learn how to start living again!  


Amy Machacek is the owner/director of HeartWork Yoga Studio and of LIFE. REVAMP., Inc. She started teaching yoga in 1998 and has taught over 8,000 yoga classes. 

Amy is also a certified transformational trainer, a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and life coach. She developed a highly successful 6-week life transformational program called LIFE.REVAMP. where she leads small groups of people, both in-studio and on-line through fitness, nutrition, goal setting, and mindset shifts to create the life they truly want to have.  

She created the highly acclaimed HeartWork Yoga Teacher Training School in 2008, just the 5th yoga training school in the Midwest. Students have come from as far away as Germany, England, and California to be trained at the school. 

Amy has 4 grown children. She lives in Minnesota, USA. 

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You Can Do Anything… 

Have you ever wondered if there are some simple steps you can follow to jumpstart success in your life? Darril Gibson, CEO of YCDA (short for You Can Do Anything) has authored more than 40 books and has learned some valuable information on success along the way, including three simple steps that anyone use to enjoy more success in their lives.

Author and Publicity Portraits on Location in Montecito and Santa Barbara

Darril Gibson set a goal for himself, after a 22-year Navy career working with computers and electronics. He decided he wanted to become a full time author and write books that help others. Since then, he has authored or coauthored more than 40 books. One of his true joys in life is receiving emails from readers letting him know about their successes after using one of his books.  

He is currently the CEO of YCDA, LLC (short for You Can Do Anything), a publishing company and a content provider for the Get Certified Get Ahead brand. Darril uses this brand to help people get certified and get ahead in their careers. 

Darril primarily writes technical books related to information technology (IT) and IT security, but he has also written books on success. “You Can Do Anything: Three Simple Steps to Success for Graduates,” was recently released on Audible and “7 Life Lessons: Powerful Principles for Living a Fulfilled Life” is currently available on Kindle. The paperback and audible version are in production.

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March 21, 2016

Amina Makhdoom – Episode 7

April 11, 2016

  Michelle Nagel – Episode 8


What if you could get everything you wanted with no effort?  

 In fact, what if the secret to achieving your biggest dreams is following your joy and living life in a state of ease? Sound too good to be true? Well, it is possible and here’s why: big dreams do not come with effort, they come with ease. 

Join us as Amina Makhdoom helps you get the things you want the most by doing the things you love the most… and if you are wondering how to connect the thing you are doing that you love to the outcome you want – don’t because they are not related. By simply increasing your joy, even 1% each day, you will attract into your life the things you have been “working hard” to achieve. Amina will show you how! And, you will hear her incredible story of how she has done this not once, or twice, but multiple times, each time having more fun while accomplishing bigger goals. And, you will be able to take part in a 30 day joy challenge to help you amp up your joy and achieve your dearest dreams.

Amina Makhdoom

Ms. Amina Makhdoom specializes in high performance. She focuses on lovingly lifting and inspiring others to achieve their dreams thereby contributing their unique talent to support a world that works better for everyone.  

Amina’s work focuses on bringing proven success strategies to individuals and companies in order to help them achieve their most important, challenging goals. She teaches a one day Success Strategies seminar for individuals to help them clarify what they want to do and determine the obstacles that have kept them from achieving their dreams. With her combined background in business consulting and human performance, Amina is able to help individuals and businesses apply proven principles for sustained success.  

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Soul Shifts – Journey to Self-Discovery

Everyone is born with a blank wall upon which our authorities engrave their beliefs that they want us to live by. As we grow and go through life, we check our experiences against that wall and make our choices based on what is written there. Sometimes, however, we discover that the things that are written on our wall are not things that we want to believe or the way that we want to live our lives. Instead of keeping us safe, the wall becomes a barrier to the kind of life we want to live, and to the way we want to feel. Soul Shift teaches people how to overcome those deeply held beliefs and habits and move on to a deeper, richer life.

Michelle Nagel

Michelle Nagel, author of Soul Shift – Journey To True Self-Discovery, is committed to empowering women to overcome their limiting beliefs and traumatic past, help them rediscover and pursue their dreams, and connect with the Divine within themselves. As a resilient survivor of childhood abuse, Michelle was on a lifelong search for anything to take away her pain, and release the blackness covering her soul. She had a family and was successful in business – but lived in continual fear, and felt no passion for life. What was wrong? Her in-depth search revealed the clear and life-changing answers that every woman should know. Her Soul Shift Technique is bringing women across the nation to a place of transformation and liberation, and she is a MUST HAVE speaker and presenter for any group or organization concerned with the well-being of women.

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April 18, 2016

Heather Thomas – Episode 9

April 25, 2016

Danne Reed – Episode 10

Showing Up for a Healing Journey 

Join us and learn how Heather, an expert in the field of health and welnness, came to discover her purpose through chronic health challenges and has put her best foot forward in making a healthy, happy and harmonious life for herself and in turn facilitating the same for her clients. Heather is a passionate advocate for self-discovery through self-care and is excited to share some insights into what really works on a healing journey.


Heather Thomas has been a Facilitator of Personal Health and Healing working locally here in Fort McMurray since 2007. She is a registered massage therapist (RMT) practicing CranioSacral therapy and distance healing using Full Body Presence techniques. Heather is also an experienced yoga instructor (ERYT500) who teaches a variety of yoga, meditation and wellness classes throughout the community and around the province.  

Heather lives from her heart and loves what she does, bringing passion to both her life and work. When she is not learning, leading, teaching or mentoring, Heather can be found taking care of herself. She loves spending time with her family, outside in the garden, reading, knitting or hanging out with Max the Hedgehog. 


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Fashionably Late

It’s never too late to show up for the party of life!
Tune in and learn three quick, easy, and inexpensive things women over 40 can do every day to feel younger, happier and more vibrant!

Find out what it means to add a sexy little twist to your life.

Danne Reed

Danne Reed is out to change the world, one late bloomer at a time. She inspires women to discover their talents, celebrate who they are, and show up in the world as the amazing, passionate, confident person they always knew they could be. Danne’s own journey took her from pouting over missing the party of life to dusting herself off and showing up Fashionably Late for it. She now inspires others—through her writing, speaking, conferences, retreats and online programs—how to do the same.

Danne is a two-time best-selling author. Her most recent book, titled Fashionably Late: A Sexy Little Twist to Revitalize You and ReDesign Your Life! was released last November and her next book, an anthology titled Fashionably Late: True Stories of (Finally!) Showing Up! will be released this coming November.
Danne also hosts conferences for Professional Women of Rural Communities.


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