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April 25, 2016

Danne Reed – Episode 10

Fashionably Late 

It’s never too late to show up for the party of life!
Tune in and learn three quick, easy, and inexpensive things women over 40 can do every day to feel younger, happier and more vibrant!

Find out what it means to add a sexy little twist to your life. 

Danne Reed

Danne Reed is out to change the world, one late bloomer at a time. She inspires women to discover their talents, celebrate who they are, and show up in the world as the amazing, passionate, confident person they always knew they could be. Danne’s own journey took her from pouting over missing the party of life to dusting herself off and showing up Fashionably Late for it. She now inspires others—through her writing, speaking, conferences, retreats and online programs—how to do the same. 

Danne is a two-time best-selling author. Her most recent book, titled Fashionably Late: A Sexy Little Twist to Revitalize You and ReDesign Your Life! was released last November and her next book, an anthology titled Fashionably Late: True Stories of (Finally!) Showing Up! will be released this coming November. Danne also hosts conferences for Professional Women of Rural Communities.  


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