Lessons in Happiness, Humour and the Courageous Heart



Carla shares her journey on a 10 day silent meditation retreat, providing personal commentary on the transformational experience. Through her story-telling mastery, you not only have a front row seat as Carla discovers beliefs and blocks that kept her from happiness, gains insight into inspired living and weaves emotional healing into her work. You will find yourself transfixed by her words, aware of your own similarities, creating the space for personal transformation along with Carla.

Written with a rich sense of humour, you will laugh at Carla’s wit sprinkled into every situation, cheer for her through the ups and downs, and fall in love with her both as a writer and as a person.

Carla’s transformational book will fulfill your heart, mind and soul and you will be itching to connect with her in person. Check out her various events and book your spot!

Showing Up is for every woman who is there for everyone but herself. She stumbles out of bed, more exhausted than refreshed, applies a smile to her face as though it is part of her makeup, and dashes out the door as a strong, got-it-together superwoman. On the outside, the world sees a woman raising her children, being a supportive spouse, and contributing to the workplace, and or community charities. She feels overworked, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated. Each day she shows up as a wife, mother, and a woman, valiantly going through the motions of life, silently longing for more fulfillment, happiness, and laughter. She may have put her own dreams and aspirations on hold. Or they are either buried so deep that she doesn’t know what she truly wants, or she holds out hope that she will one day return to the person she used to be—energized, enthused, and excited about her life. Each night she falls into bed, hoping tomorrow her to-do list will be shorter––or better yet, she is able to escape to a deserted island where no one needs anything from her.

Using the backdrop of a silent meditation retreat, Showing Up takes the reader on a transformational journey of rediscovery and resilience. In the vein of Sue Monk Kidd and Elizabeth Gilbert, this book has wit, wisdom, and warmth, culminating in a story rich in relatable thoughts, beliefs, and experiences for the everyday woman. Readers will connect with Carla, relating to her struggles and rooting for her success, all while revising their own story with a different perspective, empowering them to engage fully in the events of their life.

Heartwarming, honest, and vulnerable narrative delves into the losses and the triumphs of a woman in search of clarity, connection, and courage. In her masterful storytelling, the author shares both simple and complex situations to create a sacred sanctuary for the reader to gain insight into who they are, what they want, and what is getting in the way of being the best versions of themselves.

Showing Up is for those people looking for more—seeking truth, meaning, and peace of mind. It is educational, entertaining, and highly impactful. It is a touching story about love, laughter, and letting go.